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Our adventure with men's fashion started 30 years ago by initiating a cooperation with Hans Baumler - which has been continued to this day. Today, our portfolio includes other brands, which perfectly supplement and broaden the offer of formal suits and jackets with smart casual and casual clothes.

Suit&Shoe's offer includes Baumler clothes sewn in different cuts from the best Italian fabrics, perfect Italian shirts by Orian, German footwear by Prime Shoes, exclusive knits made from the Italian family manufacture of Gran Sasso, as well as top-quality accessories such as ties, pocket squares, belts, and socks.

We offer only ready-made clothes available in various shapes and sizes, whilst minor adjustments are performed professionally by a master tailor.

We always do our best so that each customer is fully satisfied and wants to visit our store again. Therefore, we are proud of our large group of loyal customers in Poland and abroad.

Our brands

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