The history of Herse dates back to 1868, when Bogusław Maciej Herse and Władysław Jerzykiewicz opened a small store at Senatorska Street in Warsaw, selling goods made of laces. A small storehouse of laced materials soon transformed into a fashion house specialising in sewing dresses and garments following the steps of the largest Parisienne fashion houses. It also offered accessories such as hats, veils and lingerie.

Herse Fashion House served, among others, Maria Mościcka – a wife of the President of the Republic of Poland, countess Maria Potocka, Hanka Ordonówna, and Stefania Grodzieńska - who described Bogusław Herse as Polish Dior. 

For many years, Herse Fashion House had remained a symbol of luxury and good taste, however, in did not resist the crisis of the 1930's. In 1936, the Fashion House was closed by the then owner of the brand.

Products of Herse - the brand reactivated in recent years through efforts of the descendants of Bogusław Herse - are designed for lovers of luxurious accessories characterised by a unique design and high quality. The offer consists of scarfs, ties and pocket squares hand-made from Italian velvet and wool of excellent quality.

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